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(free) 03:21


released May 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Bomb City 7 Belfast, UK

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Track Name: Mephedrone
You haven't seen your bed in a couple of days
And I can see the bones poppin' out at your waist
All I get's blank from the look on your face
Yet you say it's great - the euphoric taste - of

Meph - meph - mephedrone
I wish you'd leave it alone

Verse 1
No one drinks - no one eats
No one thinks - no one sleeps
The troph's a gift when you've felt the peaks
Come Sunday morning'- no one speaks
Love's a myth - a foreign notion
Friendliness - a false emotion
It's Moorish - and wipes out frowns
But what comes up - must come down

If only you could see yourself
Maybe you'd respect your health
Maybe you'd avoid that line
And have a cup of sleepy time
While all you lads be loosin' weight
I'm loosin' mates to an altered state
This drug will only separate

Verse 2
Stall the ball - you need rest
Mate - you don't look the best
Monday night we both got pissed
Three days pass you're still a mess
Your'e still up but you look down
You say you're just chillin' out
You say you leave that meph alone
But off your clothes I'm smelling' drone

"I'm off the meph - I'm tryin'"
I know you're lyin' cuz your eyes are widened
It's two on Thursday afternoon
And you're still wired - to the moon
"But meph - has effects - like X"
A compound just like crystal meth
You take this for happiness
But in your eyes is emptiness
You take this for happiness
But in your eyes is empty...
Track Name: Shitty. Stinkin' Weed.
We get supplied with…
By those balaclava’d fiends…
But life your ban – off it
And they’ll no longer profit
We’ll say goodbye to gritty green

Verse 1
- I love getting’ high – no smokin’ my
Throat gets so dry like summertime
In a desert – bakin’s better
- I like my weed laced in a dessert
Or a scone fresh made, with jam or plain
- I don’t toke – I bake to get backed
I’m like a writer in Natural Health magazine
How so? - Cuz I’m always eatin’ my greens

Drugs, drugs, we’re all on drugs
Its not just the past-time of cons and thugs
But some drugs are socially acceptable
Sold to line the pockets of the white collar criminal
Lookin’ down on me – Cos im smokin’ the green
Well take a look at yourself, yea you’re not so clean
Like depressed housewives addicted to valium
Compared to gettin’ high just a little more damagin’

Verse 2
- Smoked wick gear – for too many years
No lights in the North it was all we could get here
First it was hash that’s – mixed with plastic
Ni it’s grass that’s - sprayed with glass bits
- Fear tactics - so they banned it
Ni associated with cunts that traffic
But this plant it’s – from our planet
It’s organic – I don’t understand it
Cuz if they taxed it – like fags is
A night on the piss’d have well less spastics

You should all relax, kick back and unwind
You could learn something from getting a little high
Like you doctors fightin’ stress by knockin’ back the wine
Destroyin’ your bodies - one bottle at a time
And what’s the difference - between that vice and mine
Well the difference is a little pay-cheque called crime
Dreamt up to fill their wallets and keep us in line
Well go fuck yourself, - Cos this life is mine

Verse 3
- Fresh from the Earth – it’s effects work
- Like onions, garlic or peppers
- I take mines in a dish like supper
Or real warm milk that came out the cow’s utter
Get high – ‘n’ lie lo like a floatin’ device
Pour Mexican beer with lime ‘n’ ice
Stay shy like this – couldn’t touch for a lady
Laugh like fuck – then sleep like a baby